About Us

Hello and welcome to Tech-KnowHow.com.  For years I have worked in the IT sector in various roles and have seen first hand the disconnection between customers who just want to get something done and the IT support people (I have been one of them), whom often struggle to speak in a language that can be understood by the customer.

Of course, there are some really really great IT people out there too and sometimes it’s a simple matter of having a sort of ‘translator’ to get the requirements and solutions flowing.

Technology can be very specialised, but today many tasks can be done yourself with a little bit of elbow grease and a bit of time.  Unfortunately though, most answers are buried within forums or need to be deduced by stitching together information from multiple sites, making it very hard for the uninitiated to resolve simple problems or perform simple installations.

To that end this site aims to bring information together in simple form and in a central location to become the primary resource for IT DIY or ‘how to’ walk-throughs on the internet.  This should apply for both technical and non technical people alike.  I aim to have both simple and more complex tasks available as the site grows, though for now having a full time job and also having to write articles it will take a little time to get started and everything just right.

It is a big goal, but with your help this site can become your resource too.  As at January 2016, the site is now getting a decent amount of views across the existing content and many people are using these guides.

My belief is that for this idea to become a reality we need a couple of things in place:

  1. A walk-through ‘format’ that is familiar and easy to follow for the viewer on each and every official ‘how to’ article
  2. A place for customers to request new articles / updates
  3. A place for customers to request help
  4. A number of ‘how to’ writers who believe information should be free
  5. An editor
  6. Translators
  7. Forum moderators
  8. Be free to store everyones ‘How To’ articles
  9. Be free for everyone to read all ‘How To’ articles and any other content as it becomes available.

Items 1,2 and 3 are now implemented with further tweaking to come as feedback is received.  Items 4-7 are currently done entirely by me and 8 & 9 are also currently funded by me.


Most urgently, this site needs additional writers.  The writers don’t have to be great at spelling, or have everything perfect or even have huge technical skills.  This is because ALL content can be used, we need non-technical content too,  the editor will help with English spelling and such as required.  So if you have the same dream or know anyone who does and want to be part of setting up the first centralised how to site that doesn’t require a subscription, or be interested in helping in any other capacity, please contact me through this site or send me a direct message to twitter at either @marshalleq or @TechKn0wH0w. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you like the site.